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Situated at 90 km west from Guwahati, Sarthebari is home to the Bell Metal Industry, the second largest handicraft of Assam, India. About 40% of the people in this village are engaged in this cottage industry and the hammering of the metal at the furnace can be heard throughout the village. This craft work is prevalent in this village since British rule. An Industry which provided employment to thousands of families and determined the economy of a district in particular and the State as a whole, has begun to shrink rapidly, facing the threat of extinction. Because of lack of awareness people are ignorant about the use and usefulness of Brass(Pital) and Bell(Kanh/Kansa) Metal products. Besides this products are not readily accessible  and convenient in all locations of the country. Again some miscreants have polluted this industry by selling fraud products (chemical items that appears like brass & bell).

Our  kahibati.com is an initiative by a group of youths of Sarthebari to popularise this handicraft and the usefulness of Bell and Brass Metal; and sell authentic Bell and Brass Metal products directly from production centres(Kanhar Shal) of Sarthebari to the buyers.

kahibati.com provides the artisans(kanhar) a world class e-commerce platform. We are committed to ensure 100% purchase protection for your shopping done through our website.

Today almost 90% of all Brass and Bell metal alloys are recycled. Brass and Bell metal scrap is collected and transported to the foundry where it is melted and recast into billets. Billets are heated and extruded into the desired form and size. Aluminium makes Brass strong and more corrosion resistant. Combinations of Iron, Aluminium, Silicon and Manganese make these products wear and tear resistant. Moreover Copper in Brass and Bell Metal makes the items germicidal. Depending upon the type and concentration of pathogens and the medium they are in, Copper kills these micro organisms within a few minutes to hours of contacts. The potential efficacy of Copper alloy based components improves indoor air quality. Brass is often used in situations where it is important that sparks not be struck, as in fittings and tools around explosive gases.

Gandhi believed in “Production by masses rather than mass production”. These Brass and Bell Metal products are fully handmade. No machineries are used for its production. It is also eco-friendly. Its production does not pollute the environment rather it gives many people a livelihood. Brass is used for decoration for its bright gold like appearance. Brass and Bell metal item gives a warm and royal touch to your home. By decorating your home with Brass and Bell metal products you can show your unique and ethnic taste, serve the society and cultivate Gandhian thought of making self sufficient villages.